Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Sydney EK412

Normally I would be on a plane to Paris after Milan, but I have a commercial client that booked me to go to Melbourne, so instead I'm flying back to Oz from Milan. The flight from Milan I got upgraded but the upgrade came with no window access and I was really looking forward to getting photos off the Alps after taking off from Milpensa. So instead, we pick up the journey in Dubai

Emirates Airport slowly getting busy again take off - Al WahedaDeira Island couldn't see any surf today as opposed to about 2 weeks ago when I was here Mountain Range in Oman, then I waited for about 3 hours to take another phototill I got to the Maldives so special so keen to go back here again was fortunate to spend a week here once ready to spend a month here then it was time to eat some dinner take a last photo, and try to get some sleep 8 hours later sunrise just out of Sydney we know about the rain covering the entire east coast at the moment and yes, looking pretty nasty down there from up here banking just of Dee Whythe only time I got a glimpse of sun as it was rain from there on Abbotsford and Cabarita Rain bombs and it will be doing this all day and all day tomorrow Parramatta road

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