Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > Milan BA568

Time to head to Milan after being missing from there for 2 years

London done- time to go to Milan take off, Heathrow T5 Windsor castle banking around to head south west Dunsfold Aerodrome Coastline near Brighton ships crossing the channel cloud covered France but as we near the Alps, the cloud cover stops oh, and i can see ski runs, somewhere near Albertville is my guess woauw, look at all those ski runs, been a long time since I been ski-ing crossing from France to Italy love flying over the Alps Italian side and slowly descending Italy Casale Monferrato Where the Sessia River joins to Po river Oil refinery Sannazzaro Ticino River at Pavia joins the Po river descending into Milan and love how you can see the Alps from Milan landen and waiting for the bus

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