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Dubai > Boston EK237

Yes, Boston. Because when you get an upgrade to first Class you don't complain about having to drive for 4 hours, when you can enjoy 14 hours of first class

My seat from Dubai, love an upgrade.
So yes, last post was flight to Brisbane but now we are in Dubai. That was because we left at 9pm ( dark ) and arrived at 04:30 ( dark ) so no photos of 14 hour journey, and now another 14 hour journeytax to the runway Emirates all lined up-and that's something you don't se eoften at Dubai airport, wet tarmac, meaning, it has rained recentlybeen a while since I had this viewbig paint job take off- Deira Al Waheda AlHamriya Port lonely Sea Point view hotel on man made Deira Island now now, that looks like a novelty wave wanting to be ridden Island with no name of Dubai after I took this photo, there was 4 more of these cruise ships, just moored. There is 2 in this photo. That's covid for you, never would have seen cruise ships moored with tankers before Kuwait Bubiyan Island Warbah Island Al Faw Khor Al-Zubair Port Az Zubayr near BasrahAl Qurnah Basrah Canal Al Madina and Oil burning at Ramla Euphrates river at Chibayish Iraq As Saddah near Mushari Qalat Sukar Gharraf Canal near Savij Al QadimaTigris River near Al Husayniyah Kermanshah province, Iran, on the horizon with its snow capped mountainsriver used to flow that thousands of years ago ? Aziziyah Suwayrah Essaouira Air Base near Baghdad Madain North of Baghdad Adhaim Dam impressive from up here Al Uzym River nearing the moutain range that borders, Iran, Iraq and Turkey ancient old shifting of plates ? Erbil those mountains Chammah on the great Zab river Hezamy, and the other side of those mountains is my favourite, Lake Urmia now you would be forgiven for thinking this the Swiss Alps wonder what the ski-ing is like here not sure where we are now could be in Turkey now there's many dams in Turkey more snowy mountains impressive yeah, I'm lost we're not alone Constanta, Romania Romania somewhere somewhere near Brasov Romania so much snow Dziwnow Poland Mi?dzyzdroje, in English known as Misdroy, is a city and a seaside resort in northwestern Poland on the island of Wolin on the Baltic coast. The city is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, and is a seat of the Kamie? County and the municipality of Mi?dzyzdroje. In 2016, it was inhabited by around 5,500 people.
How's the shadow of the trail from the planesleep for a while flying over Denmark, but wake up for a second to catch a glimpse of southern part of Iceland never seen Iceland, and it was pretty cloudy, so did not see much inland from Reykjavik somewhere, and again, look at the shadow of the airplane trail Greenland that's some wild wilderness and not much green somewhere between Parmiut and Arsuk another place I've never flown over before I was hoping to see Icebergs, but frozen sea will do Newfoundland looking good Near Hopedale somewhere Love this these would make some nice prints Islands in the frozen sea not sure where exactly, but Newfoundland/Quebec Canada region Frozen river woauw Popham Beach , Maine Manchester by the sea coming in to land, Nahant, and jeez, it looks windy down there Winthrop beach snow on the beach so a bit cold for me for that little peeler with the stiff off shore breeze Winthrop one lands and another takes off that was a long flight stiff wind Air force present at Boston Logan in you go
here's a look at the path I just took
Now I have a small 4 hour drive to New York, and looks like I will miss Dion Lee's shownext morning, pre dawn view from hotel room 400mm Empire state, and some skinny building ok, New York
let's do this

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