Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sunrise At Pink Lake, Penong, Ceduna, South Australia

Up way before the crack of dawn, to set up multi cameras to capture the sunrise.

getting to location a good 30 min before sunrise cameras are rollinghere she comes checking the composition will get hot during the day, but before sunrise it is bloody cold nice, I have my camera set up as well, doing some timelapseso while that camera is taking it's shots, I take some detail shots of the lake and aren't these colours just amazing again, more water since yesterday has evaporated my wide angle set up, capturing time lapse of sunrise, on scaffolding more details, would love to see this printed large salt & wood pink lake edge detail like a lunar landscape the set up as seen from the pink lake pink lake salt close up just incredible the shapes it creates insert the crunch crunch sound as you walk, but I'm treading lightly and staying on the edge as to not damage these shapes lunar landscape just woauw moon landing on pink lake :-) print please once the sun rises, doesn't take for it to reach up higher in the sky so pretty and no wind another print woauw, so happy to be here and be able to take these photos, makes sitting in the car driving the 2100kms worth it
here are the 2 timelapses I shot, camera 01 and camera 02

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