Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Day 2 at Pink Lake, Penong Ceduna South Australia

Set up and continues and more production and video crew arrive

The crew making steady progress no wind today, compared to yesterday, this is heaven and lake has dried up a bit more Antony Rose and Joshua Brookes-Allen, camera operator and drone operator Anthony and his assistant Christian Barbeitos Quick pre-prod with director Susan Stitt I'm still drawn to whats to see right next to me the natural shapes and hey, look, we got a pink unicorn ( what ever did happen to it Jody ? ) Shade in the tents will come in handy Cat Rose's faithful and powerful duo assistants, Amelia & Kylietoo much talkin' not enough action :-) look how calm it is, not a ripple yesterday the wind was blasting in from across the lake Of course the boys want to check out the surf spot, so I show them the wy and the dunes of course so much more peaceful without the sand blasting against you today they love it recceI love the shapeslong neck anyonethe 3 amigosthat's the start and that only shows a part of how long it goes for

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