Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Zimmermann SS21 Fashion Show Sydney Backstage

Catching up on my posts, Zimmermann, during COVID, still needed to produce content, so they did a "show" in Sydney, first time in Sydney for decades, with strict COVID health guidelines ( we all wore masks except for the models of course) and COVID safety officers on site. Still, at the time, I did not post as I still had such a big backlog of travel photos, which I deemed in appropriate to post during the pandemic. So you get to enjoy these now :-)

Agi Look 01Rosanna Look 02Astrid Look 03Sophie Look 04Charlee Look 05Holly Look 06Grace Look 07Agi Look 08Jade Look 09Yaya Look 10Sophie Look 11Varsha Look 12Olivia Look 13Rossana Look 14Astrid Look 15Hannah Look 16Sophie Look 17Astrid Look 18Agi Look 19Jade Look 20Grace Look 21Varsha Look 22Holly Look 23Rossana Look 24Agi Look 25Jade Look 26Varsha Look 27Hannah Look 28Sophie Look 29Olivia Look 30Yaya Look 31Charlee Look 32Astrid Look 33Varsha Look 34Rossana Look 35Agi Look 36

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