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Lost City in the Blue Mountains after the Summer Bushfires of 2020

With Victoria in lock down and international borders closed, gives me the opportunity to explore my own backyard a bit more, and we head to the Blue Mountains.PS. Even though I post this in 2021, these photos are from 2020. At the time, it felt in appropriate to post these during the pandemic

been wanting to come here for a while it is called the Lost CityIndia got up early with me today to come exploring series of interesting Pagoda structures to give it a feel of a lost civilization some of the natural structures look like castle ruins India getting a better view quite remarkable and even more interesting, as we can see it all clearer now, as the recent bush fires has destroyed all the trees, shrubs and plants what an amazing natural structure burnt tree detail hint of green coming back this would have been a total inferno, hell for anything living, about 7 months ago spectacular view but destructive as well nature comes back to life source of life reflective moment sitting on burnt log over running creek tree not quite dead yet new growth very different picture from 7 months ago one of them will survive to see another fire graphic special place heading back up eerily quite I'll have to come back in a year to see the change burnt tree detail again, no wildlife, no birds..very eerie back on top burnt detail bush fires are a part of the bush cycle, the only way some of the Eucalypti or wattles will seed, is from the intense heat the bush fires create, unlocking the seeds from its pod back on top 4WD only to get here, you can walk from a nearby car park at the end of a dirt track, but that would add 40min to the walkon our way back we head to the Trig Point Look out, and there's something you don't see very often, a rainbow on top of the coal mine spot this from the look out might go there next visit Trig Point Look out sister of lost city ? on our way down, obligatory stop at the Bell Bird Lookout, and with the 400 zoomed in, see the Sydney Skyline and development around Olympic park Kurrajong and another rainbow

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