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Lake Mungo Woolshed

Road trip from Lake Mungo back to Griffith. PS. Even though I post this in 2021, these photos are from 2020. At the time, it felt in appropriate to post these during the pandemic

after our sunrise moment at the walls of china, we prepare to head back to Griffith and then onto Sydney but we stop of at the Lake Mungo visitors centre before the 2-3 hours dirt road drive back ( it's slow going in a Winnibago on a dirt road ) so I take the obligatory photos of the old wool shed and ponder what it must have been like here 100 years ago very dry, sometimes no rain for years and then try and run a farm here so why Walls of China ? Well, back in the day when pioneers tried to start a sheep farm, they had Chinese working for them ( me thinks, chinese that came out for the gold rush ) and apparently , whenever they felt homesick they would go to the eroded walls as it reminded them of the great wall of ChinaJacqui taking one last look plenty of these locals around lake Mungo Adelaide > Sydney Flight can only imagine what a task that would have been rolling out the telegraph line all the way out here galahs and the moon after leaving Lake Mungo, the last 80 kms is just like this dead trees amongst low lying saltbush I love the sculptural shapes it silhouettes against the deep blue sky our home on wheels nearing Griffith on sunset and another magestical tree loving the colurs, winter sky

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