Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


First Week Of August 2020

Was watching this develop while driving back from the city, so I just had to pull over. PS. Even though I post this in 2021, these photos are from 2020. At the time, it felt in appropriate to post these during the pandemic

was driving back from the city and just had to pull over at Mona Vale to get some photos of these awesome colours in the sky If I kept driving to Avalon, would have missed it I reckon Bahai Temple just waiting for a star ship to fly through those clouds love it started 5 min ago, and will be all over in about 8 min ... if that Warriewood little wave after last week's big swell have not done anything to these photos I could push the contrast a little and give the saturation a little nudge but no, these are straight of the camera sun setting now colour intensifies for 60 seconds looking in the other direction open the iso a little to get a shot of this native bird it is a little wattle bird not many of them around, you hear them more than you see them another day, another interesting sunsetok, next day, gonna go hit that left
n.b. it was fun

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