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And Another Big South Swell in July 2020

10 days after previous big swell, we are hot with another one. PS. Even though I post this in 2021, these photos are from 2020. At the time, it felt in appropriate to post these during the pandemic

big set rolling in one of the better smaller ones big guns are out Damo out on his gun lining up then out the back for the next one bottom turn North Av, trying to line up looking across both Avalon beach and Newport beach at Newport reef bombie Damo, still waiting South Wester getting stronger big waves pushing in still waiting Damo on another one but... looks like that wind is too strong and blew him off again the beach is getting a beating as well, lot of sand taken out waiting againsets rolling inlot of lip one way out the back the few that are out there, caught out by bomb set big take off but no wall waiting again here we go, paddlingbutagain, that wind getting the better of him bombs out the back again, and that wind still getting stronger maybe he'll get this one paddling nope waiting again, and jeez, that wind would be bitterly cold by now here we go, he'll get this looking good ready to take off taking o..... nope, caught in the lip with that wind again scraping here we go up and riding woauw, hard to tell, but steep take off bit of a vertical drop oh,no , lands, but catches an edge and falls off, must be that wind froze him too much oh no, no way, his new board, snapped from that fall hardest thing, paddling in on half a board, you can see the other half in the left of the photo check out kiddies corner to see if that wind is a bit calmer here big ones at the Joey slotted headed up to North View road for a better look and there's even some swell lines wrapping into Pittwater looks good from up here even some tow in happening at North Palmie looking good lining up yes slotted score still in there will he make it looks like that section will shut squeeze him shut yep won't make it out the back big wave these two, checking out the surf lining it up backdoor that on coming section looking goodbut didn't make it jet ski assist

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