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URBN SURF Wave Pool - Right near Melbourne Airport

So I have been hearing about this wave pool , so in between fashion shows and shoots for David Jones, I just had to come and see what it was all about

and what a nice day to check it out warm weather , blue skies and the waves are rolling in, and I see a guy pulling in loving the symmetry of it as wellspot the plane, that's how close it is to the airport, you could literally catch a flight in the morning, surf all day and take one of the last flights out again. So this is in between waves, when the machine is re setting, don't worry, take no more than a minute and a halfand the waves are rolling in again hack and as anyone can buy a pass, no matter their level, there's always lifeguards around, as yes, there are some patrons that buy a pass for expert level when they should still be in the beginner or intermediate level and , as a spectator, you can get nice up and close and watch the surfers . . . surf nice leg extension off shore lines found an elevated vantage point for a good view of the place shacked lining up, solid looking lip nice got my pass lounge set up for in between surfs beach front :-) young grom ripping I'm sold so my turn first go felt a bit weird, wave still has power, but it is a different power compared to ocean, but man, so much fun still, I'm hooked

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