Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Testing my new 400mm lens

it was the end of my 70-200m lens, so I got myself a new lens. PS. Even though I post this in 2021, these are from 2020. At the time, it felt in appropriate to post these during the pandemic

So just testing it out on different subject matters, like this Pelican in the afternoon ligtht at Careel Bay or last rays of light coming through on a cresting wave so it has been a bit quite the past few months since the country has gone into lockdown mode. Compared to Europe and the states we're doing fine, still have lots of freedom, but our borders are closed and looks like no international travel for the rest of the year mona vale rock pool on dusk checking the sharpness of the 400 in low light Full moon over Bilgola plateau I'm pretty happy so far with my new purchase early morning just before sunrise crashing waves, see-ing how the auto focus works It's middle of June, the water must be freezing first surfer out bit of size but a bit wonky out the back large pod of whales traveling north you can clearly see the blows from the whales nice light but now I wish I had an 800mm :-) loving the light and the fact I'm able to witness these magnificent creatures swim past old timer, not feeling the cold crisp, clear and gold timing all about timing lining up, time it right jump the fence and head out life is good on the beaches

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