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Mallacoota, on my way to Melbourne

Stop over for lunch at Mallacoota for some Abalone, and witness the devastation. If you are in a position to do so, please visit and bring your much needed tourist dollars

In the bushfires of the summer 2019/2020, Mallacoota just about got decimated by the fires. For those that don't know Mallacoota, it's a little fishing village close to the border of NSW and Victoria, about a 25km drive from the Highway running inland, through some dense bush land. Thousands and thousands of acres of bushland destroyed by the fires ( just do a quick internet search for Mallacoota Bush fire, select images and you see the devastation ) now, 3 months later, I wanted to pass through and see it for myself, and pretty full on driving on the road into town, I see a lot of green now, as the bush is regenerating itself, but you really get the sense of devastation.Love see-ing the new growth sprouting through on all the burnt trees.
At the edge of town, the devastation is still visible. The first suburban street bordering the forest, you see how close the fires came. A street with a row of houses, and how the fire randomly spared one house and not the other, right next to each other
luckily, the town center is unscathed ( except mentally I'm sure )bull ant Amazing how quickly, in this region, the bush is coming back all that new growth on the trunks of the burnt trees charred remains no wild life unfortunately hope and the scenery is like this for 100's kms

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