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Dubai > Sydney QF8416

Why post this now, why not post for a year ? Well, by the time I got back to Sydney I had to go from airport, straight to car and drive to Dion's Birthday in the Victorian Alps ( no phone reception - thanks Vodafone ) and from there to Melbourne for Melbourne Fashion Festival -this when all that was being talked about was this virus taking hold called Covid-19, cases were going up but the show was going on, until the morning the formula 1 race drivers called it and decided it was irresponsible to hold the event with 10's of thousands spectators expected to come down to the racetrack, 4 hours later , the remaining scheduled shows for Melbourne Fashion festival were cancelled as well, so I drove back to Sydney, where I would normally have taken the time to catch up on updating the posts on my blog, with this flight and all the great travel photos I took on the road trip to Victoria......but, it just did not feel right with the rest of the world going into lockdown for me to then start posting photos of travel. so I decided to wait a month, then another month, and well, yeah, by 6 months I stopped thinking about it, but now 1 year later, I feel it's time to catch up with my posts. It might not agree with some of you out there and say it is too early, but please, direct your anger then at companies like British Airways, advertising air travel, when they are still in the middle of a pandemic, so why would you encourage your citizens to travel all over Europe. That to me feels more irresponsible, or desperate, or both Anyway, I thought after one year and 2 weeks, time for me to share my posts with you again, starting with slowly catching up with the past year Starting with this flight I was so happy to be on at the time, with fear of the COVID spreading fast and Italy going into lockdown, being in Paris, I could not wait to get on this flight and head home

Middle of the night departure from Dubai so sunrise somewhere in the Indian Ocean love the layers rainbow and some rain literally in the middle of thegreat blue ocean somewhere nearing the west coast of Australia, very calm ocean, you can tell, when you can see the reflection on the water surface of the cloudsfirst sign of life for a while , a tanker and another Australia !! North Turtle Island off the coast just north of Port Hedland all the tankers outside Port Hedland WA aaah, nice to see my home country again Just north of Port Hedland, like the plane is literally flying right over the top of Port Hedland  Marta Marta Community heading outback from Strelley love see-ing all these landscapes Pardoo station up ahead heading to Juna Downs bye ocean love this be great to print all these....large like velvet now Nullagineerosion with no rain in sight , Woodie Woodie Airport near minemine up ahead , Nifty Copper mine near TelferWestern Australia is so vast . . . .and colourful Nyia Creekjust amazing, again, print please near KAramilyi National Parkone of the many lakes all over outback western australia , Rudall river going into Lake Dorafor my europe friends, the state of Western Australia is as big as  ..well see this shot for comparisonLake Dora , fed by Nullagine RiverLake Dora, just that red colour in the landscape surrounding itreally would love to spend several weeks driving around up here Nullagine near north Gibson desert remote I'm lost but this is near Gibson desert amazing unique landscape I had planned to catch up on some tv shows, but seriously, this is way more entertaining for me, just don't get the chance that often to be able to view this in real time. Guessing we are by now in South Australiaarteries Near Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springswith Lake Eyre in the background Stuarts Creek Borefield Road near Stuarts Creek   Rocky outcrop near Lake Watherstone Lake Watherstone Copley Mine getting into the Flinders Range Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National ParkSpectacular Ngardlaranha Warldu just when you thought it couldn't get any better Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, Lake Frome stunning edge of Lake Frome, Frome DownsLake Kuturu next to Lake Frome, fed by Billeroo creekEurinilla Creek cutting through that red earth South Australia NSW border north of Broken Hill somewhere yes, getting closer to the East Coast of NSW descending and looks like its a wet day in Sydney banking  South Sydney National Park and I'm home

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