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Yport & Etretat - The Paris Beaches

Couture done, time for some sigh see-ing

You've already read the headline, but with this photo I was going to get you to guess where I amYport, quite little fishing village in between Fechamp and Etretat, just over a 2 hour drive form Paris and very quite and empty in winter it must be quite a different scene in summer, this place would be packed reminiscent to the sls boats in Australia going for a drive, heading south, we have place Vaucottes I love all the houses in this region, like mini mansions from the 18th century I'm guessing on the headland between Vaucottes and Yport, part of the German army's Atlantic wall defense system after an attempt in 1942 La Valette a bit further north, spotted a track that goes down to the water in a dip between the cliffs, Fonds d'Etiguewater still a bit on the high tide  quite little spot even surprised the seagulls with the presence of a human walk back to the carpark still life at Etretat beach like the tessellated pavement in Tasmania  I visited last yearon top of the Porte d'Aval at Etretat, looking South at Chemin Des Douaniers and North at the village Etretat. Where you see the "newer" white apartment blocks, is where there was heavy bombing and bombing by the Germans to give their 50mm canon a better firing angle out to sea cliff face tide getting real low now and all the water that filled at high tide, slowly drains out again at low tide, causing these creeks walking to the north end of the beach at Etretat nownice look back at the Falaise d'Aval Le Falaise d'Amont , see the two guys therewell, that's to give you an indication of the tidal difference here, water is still nto quite at its lowest level, you can see the high tide mark, and then compare that to the size of the 2 guys,  so that's what, 6-8 meters. To my Australian surfer friends, imagine your local surf break having 8 meter difference from low to high. Now you know why, when you see videos of guys surfing in Cornwall/Ireland and how they say not only was the swell and wind right, but the tide plays a huge factor as well. Can you imagine snapper with an 8 meter tidal difference ??
anyway, nice white rocks  cliff face sunset oh yes, an no sand beaches here, all pebbles, walkiong on it after a while, you start to feel it, and then check this cracked pebble that was open like an egg. But you know what they say, leave only footprints, take only photos, if everyone took a pebble, wouldn't be many left in the centre of Etretat, I wanted to stay at this hotel, it has so much character, built in the 14th century, ( old ) I thought it would be like this on the inside as well, but the inside and rooms are pretty sad, like 70's style, bad, such a shame love all the wooden details  if only the rooms had more character and not a french version of a 70's motel, I know that sentence sounds visually interesting, trust me, its not nice drove up the top of the cliffs, hoping for a nice sunset, waitinng in the car, but after this shot, sun dissapeared behind clouds

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