Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Last Day on Heron Island

All boat activities cancelled due to howling winds

rope at low tide going for a little explore, even though one side of the Island is totally blown out this side , so windy and curving around here as well, hard to find a calm spot to snorkel today good day for lifting big rocks above your head apparently windy but still pretty colours rusting hook the calmest spot on the island 400mm zoom form our balcony locals just hanging out too much wind so just chillin' the other side again, swell passing in between the channel between the reefs more locals reflections another sunset going going going green flash gone wide first time doing this, shooting the milky way, as there is no light pollution here awesome, except for the part where I had to hold camera open for 3 minutes with no tripod, hence the movement. Keen to do this again with tripod and my little timer

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