Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


The life Aquatic in Fiji

gorgeous morning, hardly any wind, good day for snorkeling

about to set out from our Bure Jacqui putting her booties on look at all the little fish straight away must be that time of year live coral snap happy, that makes two of us love that blue, and look at the clarity abundance of fish, but the coral is not looking alive fish view here and there you will find coral, but can't help but think it used to be way more and would see lots more of these in all sorts of colours velvet coral ? can you see it shark Oni, our local guide keeping an eye out on our friend down there and another one Oni , floating what the fish see big coral or big rock covered in Coral after an hour snorkeling we head a bit further to a lonely sand bar there it is, tide coming in Jacqui loves this sand bar, we have been here before and before that as well tide filling up fish again as soon as I go under dinner :-) seaslug blue ones soaking it all in bit of color nice look at all those fish ok, time to go in and head back missing it already

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