Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > London QF11

Time to head to Europe for SS20

boarding another one of those flights I wish would have taken off 20 minutes earlier yep, going to miss the sunset got a great window seat for it Sydney skyline on sunset taxing and ready for take off, right on sunset take off, and missed it lots of miles and hours later, sunrise somewhere over Iran Kamal Mountains in East Azerbaijan, Iran Sahand Mountain Range oh woauw, flying past lake Urmia again, I love this lake, the colour is intense, not living up to it this early in the morning, check out these stunning photos I got on a flight from Dubai, the colours !!! what a difference hey can't see any reds in there at all right now Mount Sphan, with Lake Van behind Austrian Alps Frankfurt Airport almost on the Belgium, German border, the band of clouds Wiesbaden Liege-Luik Quarry just outside Luik Zaventem, Brussels Airport crossing the channel England going up the Thames

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