Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Nadi QF101

Sydney Fashion week done, but there another fashion week happening in Fiji

Sydney Fashion week done, and we're off again very smoggy this morning at Sydney airport so slight delay in departure the new port at Botany white has that bushfire smoke filter there must be backburn happening in the mountains somewhere take off, and yes, look at that layer of smoke covering the airport quick turn straight after take off woauw, look at that, the cbd is blanketed by the smoke from a backburn must be a big fire spare a thought for those asthma sufferers right now even over the beaches woauw, look at that, you can see the smoke drifting out over the ocean beautifulnorthern beaches ok, bye bye Australia Fiji here we come love the clouds on this flight super calm ocean, no wind telling by the reflectionTropical cloudsbeautiful 3 and a bit hours later and we start our descend golden hour loving this and this is when you know when you see the reef and Island of Namotu and Tavarua and those colours Momi Bay, stayed there, great resort, but no opportunity to go snorkeling off the beach, as it is a man made beach and beyond it , its a man made seawall, so no real snorkeling there eitherGolden Hour

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