Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Paris Milan AZ305

After Couture, quick hop back to Milan

very cold morning at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport take off, and bit of snow around  pushing through a very low lying cloud cover and we are through banking hard right a short while later, the Alps looks like cloud cover all the way across France hugging the Alps how cool would it be going up the chairlift on a cloudy day, and then at the top you are looking over this and ski-ing in the sun above cloud cover I really need both a surf and ski holiday Glacier even the valleys in the middle of the Alps are covered, and look, in the middle, is that the famous Mt Matterhorn zoom in, yes, very distinctive shape of Matterhorn another glacier cloud clearing in this valley at the bottom of the photo crossing over the Dolomites how cool would it be to do a timelapse video from up here looking back looking forward Domodossola  in the valleyLaggo Maggiore and Lago D'OrtaVerbania love the mountains Intra on Lago Maggiore moving to the flat lands now Malpensa Airport Snow around Abbiategrasso banking near Pavia so see the mountain range south of Milan snow here too, was here a few years ago, driving through here after Pitti Florence, was a lot warmer back then still turning print please Castel San Giovanni Car shipping company and then landed in the fog at Linate

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