Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > Milan BA588

London done, time for Milan

ready to go to Milan take off and looking a bit more like summer than winter lots of air traffic this morning both directions New Haven looking up to Beachy Head Peacehaven along the cliff tops not quite the white cliffs of Dover as it is not Dover but the Seven Sisters White Cliffs looking spectacular today would love to do a shoot down there exiting britain, or brexit Hello Europe, how's how the clouds are over the land mass and not the water Caen Port up to Le Havre then the clouds got busy all the way to the Alps, then they cleared again Big Valley from Martigny yep, could use some ski time Entreves can just the airport of Aosta this time of the year that should all also be covered in snow, global warming Monferrato on the Po River Sesia river joins the Po River
time to land

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