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Sydney > Auckland QF143

It's my party and I cry if I want to

Testing out the 400mm lens, Sydney skyline as seen from Qantas lounge coming into land 400 mm detail of Emirates A380 not as pin sharp, but I wonder if it has something to do with shooting through thick glass ok, boarding delayed 20min, due to late plane arrival, and then this is a first for me at Sydney international airport, boarding via bus as opposed to gangway, slowing things down even more, and I am worried as I have only a 1 hour connection time in Auckland airport. Minus 20 min, minus the boarding... and now, like this ground crew, still waiting. Missing one passenger who came in from another flight, and is apparently lost in the airport ???finally, good to go , but I am worriedlet's go cleared to go take off boat harbour through the clouds crossing the ditch New Zealand West coast Waitakere ranges beaches north of famous Piha looking pretty bloody windy no surfing today Avondale industrial area just outside of Auckland South and West great motorway meet up oh cool, auckland CBD through the clouds Browns Island, looks like a mini crater banking over Saint Heliers bay Whakakaiwhara Point, Duder parkthat green again and again, low tide And as we landed, my connecting flight took off, Tahiti Nui to Papeete, bastards only fly out of Auckland 3 times a week, so you would think they would wait, turns out there was 12 of us on this flight. So qantas does the right thing by one passenger which then totally inconveniences 12 passengers because Tahiti Nui did not want to do the right thing. So I am spending my birthday night in dingy airport motel

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