Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Drive to Taupo from Tongariro

Done out time in Tongariro, onto Taupo

Another morning view from our hotel room of Mt NgauruhoeMahuia Rapids on the road out Mahuia Rapids with Mt Ruapehu in the backgroud not keen on hitting those rapidslove that ice colour in the water, right in the middle of the waterfall all I could think of when I was standing here was . . . river trout the two mountains next to each other Mt Ngauruhoe & Mt Ruapehu the gravel road to the Tongariro alpine crossing track a 18 km hike ( Not today ) love these grasses Jacqui loves a tall grass as well beautiful colours pulled over for a minute, not for the snow on the mountain, but at the base, in the middle, the steam that is coming out river leading into Lake Taupo again, thinking trout

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