Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Brussels > Doha QR196

SS19 done, time to head south

before heading to airport, couple of shots from this great loft I booked, Sint Rombouts tower sunset always so many planes criss crossing the belgium skies and you wouldn't believe this shot is taken first week in October, weather has been sensational for Belgium next morning, early morning departure again, glorious day for Belgium ready for take off I can see hotel room where I did my time lapse from E19  Nato Golf Club Leuven power station Dam in the Ardenenne tower poking through morning mist morning mist still hanging in the gullies somewhere in Germany or Czechia or SlovakiaRomania Moldoveanu mountain range in RomaniaBucharest has 2 airports Lake DāmbovitaLacul Tei, outer suburbs of Bucharest Mighty Danube River Bulgarian coastline Kavarna Cape Kaliakra Turkish Coastline on the black sea Turkey lots of dams and is that snow or salt arid Lake Van Mount Suphan on the other side Hoping to go past Urmia could look great with these cumulus clouds but too many clouds blocks the lake altogether somewhere in Iran Iran aridness slowly going down and ready to cross the gulf to Qatar Doha Al Wakrah Port Power plant and desalination  plant landed and Doho CBD on the horizon

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