Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Milan>London>Paris BA568

Off to Paris we go

quick window clean tracks on take off can see that awesome building where Zegna did their men's show in June lake ComoValley in Switzerland,Lostallo is a municipality in the Moesa Region in the Swiss canton of Graubnden switzerland little valley, dam and the clouds set in apparently big storms around French/German border crossing the channel and hello Britain Dungeness city in the clouds coming in to land city under a dark cloud great view coming into land can you spot your house or hotel 20 min in the airport and ready to go again taxing runway past all the BA planes and one lonely Qantas plane, waiting to fly home should be a nice sunset flight take off and what nice golden colours loving it which one shall we print golden hour over english countryside lovely yes, print please Eastbourne sticking out with Portsmouth and Isle of Wight further out sunset Seine river going down ok paris , lets do this

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