Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



Time over in LA, time to go to New York for the fashion shows

pullin' out on a cloud day I left my wallet at El Segundo, I got to get it ( google it if you don't know ) santiago peak peaking through above the clouds around Los Angeles be great view form there if you got up early for a morning hike Big Bear in the distance Soboba reservation in the foreground and  San Gorgonio Peak behindMt San Jacinto covered in snow in winter San Jacinto Tahquitz Peak on San Jancinto  and Palm Spring wind farm in the backgroundPalm Springs Where all the yuppie hipster gather at a big commercial festival trying to be an alternative festival, so basically, once a year, a big wank fest down there, guess its name Cathedral City and Palm Desert this is what is wrong with some people, in the middle of the arid landscape trying to maintain the perfect green lawn,  with next to no annual rainfall, the sheer waste of water is just stupid management of valuable resources,  can't see this place still existing in the futureQueen Mountain Salt Fields at a town called Bush Sheephole Valley  Milligan, an abandoned settlement in San Bernardino County, Lake Havasu pretty big town Bagdad Copper Mine Sycamore Wilderness canyon, love the colours Humphreys Peak, Sunset Crater and Flagstaff Cloud over Humphreys peak Route 66 crossing Diablo Canyon Apache Country Arizona Country - dry, arid , near Dilkonnear Ganado Window rock Navajo Nation reservation Chaco Canyon New Mexico Abiquqiu lake Rio Grande near Baldy Mountain Mighty Mississippi River near Hannibal Missouri/Illinois clouds set in  Lake Erie, near Cleveland Cleveland Airport Scranton, northeast Pennsylvania Pelham Park, New York and Pelican Bay and City Island Hempstead, coming down to land Jones Inlet and Nickerson Beach Shrewsbury Bay Sea Bright cruise ship leaving new york Sea Gate and Coney Island New York Skyline as I am coming in to land The journey, one day will do this by car, well, it will take a good week

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