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Road Trip from Paris to Brussels via Laon

Finally get to visit this town Laon I been wanting to visit for the past few years

I have tried to come to this town a few times now, I drove past it once on my way to Dinant, but did not have time to stop. And then other times when I had planned to go , something came up last minute so had to postphonenot today, so this town is called Laon, back in the early ages, this was the capital of the Austrasian Empire, so much history here, I love it, and what attracted me to this town in the first place was that it is built on top of the only hill for hundreds of kilometers, so back in the ages, naturally a very strategic position, now this hill is surrounded by wheat and corn fields one of the "older gates" below the burger save me writing the info I found, I just take the photo and show you loving walking around these streets the main Cathedral of Laon narrow passages and then will probably be some hidden passages as well high up view of the surrounding cornfields beyond the train tracks but the place does feel like it needs a lot of tlc then back on the small country roads to Brussels airport lot of farm fields and then a quick look at the childhood home bit different now, not as nice as how my Dad fixed up it, after we left there was a pretty bad fire so does not look quite the same after the fire reno

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