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Dubai > Brussels EK183

Great flight over Iraq for a change

After 8 hours in transit ( no I don't mind really, the lounges in Dubai airport are quite good, spacious and great food ) ready for flight to Brusselstaxi ready to go ready for take off Al Hamriya Fish Markets and the building does not seem to stop hola, is that a potential new surf break and this one ? After Dubai, we flew pretty much the whole way over the persian gulf in the middle, so no view of Iran or Oman, and now we see Kuwait, very hazy though Mubarak, the great port Part of Bubiyan Island Mighty Tigris river, end of the line as it is about to enter the Persian Gulf Zubayr This is exciting, although I had hoped to fly over Lake Urmia again, but I never got good shots flying over Iraq, as well, its been a long time Iraq its a long river and I would love to be able to pinpoint where all these town are, (this is Numaniyah I think )but am a bit lost and . . . . well, I want to get off the computer and finish this post :-) looking more like the River Seine winding through Paris countryside after a hot summer :-) curious what this is Lake Hamrin ?clarity finally getting better

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