Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Changing of the guard Presidential Residence Suva, Fiji

Every last Saturday of the month there is a changing of the guards at the presidential residence, we just happen to be here for it

The Grand Pacific Hotel Peter, the general manager of the Grand Pacific Hotel, told us about the changing of the guard that happens once a month, and as the presidential residence is just 200m up the road, the guards pass by right outside, so from one fashion parade last night to another type of parade in the day and here come the brass band the guards Jacqui, shooting on the fly and the guards waiting to be relieved of duty keep in mind, it is the middle of the day in the tropics, a good 30 degrees today, this guy had sweat beads trickling down his face, so wanted to go up close and get a tighter headshot, but felt that might have been inappropriate now a whole ceremony happens with orders barked out by the sergeant the actual changing in process reflections and the relieved guards parade away starting his month long guard duty kids loved it

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