Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


After Milan it's off to Chalet White Eden in Station Sainte Foy in the French Alps

taking a detour on my way to Paris

From Milan, head to Chamonix  and just before the Mt Blanc tunnel chuck a hard left rushing fast, but not clear, lot of rock sediment heading up to the San Bernardo pass or Saint Bernard Pass never heard so much crackling standing underneath electric power lines, I thought there was something wrong with my ears due to the high altitude for a second, but no, its those lines Lago Verney and now we head down to the valley that leads to Val d'Isere but I stop at Station  St Foy to stay at this great Chalet, White Edenroom with a balcony and spectacular view, check out the time lapse view from room love all these slate rock roofs downstairs rustic look for fine dining can see myself enjoying a night cap after ski-ing all day cosy quite corner for dinner love the textures screaming apres ski gets pretty buys in winter, but now feels more like a ghost town, but a very pretty ghost town, the thing you hear constantly until dusk is the bells from the cows in winter this how you would ski down the mountain onto the hotel apres ski sun deck

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