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New Face Hannah Miller from Adelaide , South Australia

Been to Lake Bumbunga so may times to take photos of the scenery, so this time with a model, meet Hannah

If you could go back and tell your younger self any beauty advice what would it be? You dont need makeup to be pretty. You have such gorgeous brows, have you ever touched them? No haha, Im too scared to! What's the best bit of beauty advice that you've been given and who gave it to you? Moisturizing is key, why not moisturize 4 times a day if you can What's your daily skin care routine? When I wake up I wash my face, and moisturise my whole body. After my shower later in the day, I exfoliate and use Frank Bod as my skin cleanser and then apply 2 prescription skin creams for my face and moisturise my whole body. Keeping good skin can be so much harder in Australia because of the sun, how do you stay hydrated in the Summer? Continuously staying hydrated and drinking lots of water, lathering myself in sunscreen, wearing my favourite pair of sunnies and a wide brimmed hat. After a day in the sun, I always moisturise my whole body as well as everyday. What's your favourite way to spend a hot Summer's day? With my friends, by the pool!

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