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Mont Blanc, Chamonix France

Milan men finished so this winter I thought I'd drive through the French Alps and visit Chamonix, which is the base of Mt Blanc

Unfortunately, I had times to get there by sunset, but the clouds rolled in , can still see Mt. Blanc shame it has gone cloudy nice view from my room thoughwoke up early in the morning and the clouds really set in nowcan't see Mt. Blanc anymore this morning looking down the valley after breakfast I go for a walk base of Mt Blanc Just so weird for me to see these buildings in the snow, something more I expect to see in the South of France somewhere And I know also see how the folks that started and built Thredbo, where they got their ideas from , but Thredbo it is a mix of French and Austrian all bordered up, wonder if it is cold inside nothing like this in Thredbo and these are Alps, not mountains :-) damn, can;t see the top of the mountains opposite Mt. Blanc either freezing water Chamonix is not a village, it is a town, a big town, and it has actually turned me off coming here for a ski trip, too busy, too many hotels, buildings, shops , people, I'll go back to Hintertuz, Austria anytime, they have a limit on the amount of beds per village this place is like a city some cute places but I also felt there is a dark underside, and here was somethign I never seen in a ski resort before, homeless people, I kid you not, I was like whaaaaat on my way out I see the glacier zoom in, solid ice ok, off to Paris

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