Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Melbourne QF433

After GQ of to Melbourne

nice day in Sydney good harsh lunchtime shadow whose line is it anyway ready to go good to go ready for take off Sydney and it's eastern suburbs Gardeners and Anzac parade junction of Dacey Gardens Coogee oh my, it's like the "insta" villages in warriewood valley, did not realsie they had those kit homes villages in Randwick the city beaches still a nice beach day wedding cake island and Ivor rock pool Bondi Beach Beaches and harbour and the northern beaches turning south coast same flight path South Melbourne Foreshore St. Kilda Pier all the way down to Seaford Station Pier and Princess Pier straight line landedflight track from Flightaware and satellite picture from that day, leaving the sun for the stormy clouds

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