Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Brussels > Dubai > Sydney

Finally heading back down under

clouds rolling in, end of summer in Belgium love a good painted line see ya west wind follow that plane take off and the new NATO building E40 and then the clouds took over Belgium sky Liege airport sunset over turkey 9 hour stop over in Dubai and then onto QF 1 yeah, see ya mate Oman the sun coming in through the window and then that plastic cover in front of the window making it hard to take a good photo right handers one day now heading over indian ocean towards Maldives hoping to get some epic atolls shots again  but got a got 3-4 hours to go lots of clouds around, I'm worried sure enough, 3 hours later, first glimpse and the cover is its thickest yet smack bang over Male, and nothing to see , damn your kidding, as soon as we pass the last of the atolls , it clears again, rorted , I want my money back :-)9 hours later, sunrise about 100 km out of Sydney early morning  edge of Blue Mountains and Sydney outer suburbs Western Suburbs looking north East towards Sydney Botany Bay coming up nice light Cronulla Marley beach, which I finally checked out  weird, reflection in the water oh, its a full moon setting again, just the reflection, but can;t see the moon because of cloud cover going down, and there's the moon landed check out the sunrise colours in the reflection home

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