Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


NYC > London > Brussels > London

Leave NYC at night, arrive London, go to Belgium and next day back to London

Leaving Ireland heading to England Heart Shaped outside of London yeah, what's that then another job gone, not keen on all this automation, that used to be operated by a driver and this guy would go along, now he also operates this machine that pushed the plane out ready to go back to Brussels Mechelen old stomping ground muizen next day, back on the plane to go to London ready for take off new nato building Albert Kanaal atomium zoomed out climbing up to go through the clouds big one looks dark and on the other side that's the Belgium summer sky I know Ghent yep, Ghent more of that typical Belgium weather Ouden - Molen Brugge And you are looking at about 80-85 % of the total Belgium coastline Oostende looking nice calm day France at the top yep, France France and the Englsih coast ,quite close that's the distance, and yes, people swim it going up the Thames, check the sand bank would have caused problems in the old days raiing in London going down yep, drizzle about not quite half way on this trip, but soon

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