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First Surf in fiji ( On this trip )

Been here for 5 days and have not had a surf yet, or is it 6 days :-)

One of Benji's friends Adrian, has offered to take us out on his boat, no.not the Moana Polynesian Hobbie, the little surf boat, to go check the waves at Namotu and Wilkes, the Fiji Pro is on so no surfing cloudbreak today Adrian is Canadian, living in Fiji now for over 6 years doing good deeds, he is part of ocean care group called Benji can't wait to get out there frothing like a little grommet, if he had a tail like a dog, it's would be hitting you in the sides right now Namotu, on shore, ditto Wilkes, went out anyway, to get wet, but was pretty sloppy , so was not a long surfThe comp was on at Cloudbreak, and Laura Enever heat would be on soon, so we headed over to watch that spectators area Marshalls boat, watched 2 heats, said G'day to BL and headed back to shore sign at the Rendezvous passage out at Rendezvous Hani doing it hard

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