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Coral House Check up at Shangri-La Fiji

After all that fashion , time for a snorkel

We head out, and Hani is joining us high tide, time to do it bit windy already though, which will make it a bit choppy and they're already out there while I set straight into the fish now we have been involved with the marine center at the resort since about 2011, when the girls and Evan built a coral house to try and get the marine life and coral reef restored ( damaged due to decades of tourist unknowingly damaging the reef by walking out there at low tide ) So we been checking up on it every time we come here to check on its progress. But this time it looks like it has taken a few steps backwards after all that progress. A lot of it has died off again, and you can't help but wonder if it is due to the effect of global warming, the water is always warmer than Sydney here in Fiji, but it does feel very warm still for his time of the year and the coral farm not looking too good either where is all the colour Nemo still here looks this piece of Coral has a slice taken off it stripey girls found him few blue ones on the way and yep, found him still plenty of star fish around Hani is gathering some making a collection so the girls can pose with the starfish here he is again yep and his lady can you spot the baby looking straight at you need to get the colour back on the coral golf practice there's a bit of colour needle fish this one head straight for me, untill I pointed the camera then he did a quick turn around can you spot them, hundreds of them after snorkel the girls wanted to have a sail, but rainclouds rolled in and wind stopped an hour later wind is back again, sort of out they go , and Jacqui on paddle board sailing in the lagoon Jacqui trying to keep up loving the tropics

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