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Sydney > Melbourne QF421

Only in Sydney for a few days and it is off again, off to Melbourne for a shooting

ridiculous sunrise this morning one of the best I've seen in a while glad I was up colours a few hours later, back at the airportmajor tom to ground controlbig queue this morning, lots of bad weather on the east coastand we're off Sydney Airport oh cool, turning left , doing a full circle, awesome view of Sydney CBD then looking straight up the harbour across the football stadium and cricket ground Bondi beach entrance to Sydney Harbour looking up middle Harbour, I can just see my old place at Clifton Gardens like a big u-turn lots of layers heading to Melbourne now and climbing over all the storm activity so big band of cloud covering Sydney, Canberra, Snowy mountains and then somewhere around NSW/VIC border, it clears up again nope, that's still NSW down there, Indi to be exact Lake Dartmouth, Victoria Dartmouth Dam Mt. Bogong Victoria and the Rocky Valley Storage at the top  so you can just make out Falls Creek as well  looks like morning dew/frost on the mountain slopes. It is part of Victorian snowy mountains Falls creek and Rocky Valley Storage Mt. Feathertop Bush fire Harrietville and Mt. Hotham looks like bushfire is around Miowera Mt. Howitt Oh woauw, I think this is Buller zoom in , yes, that's Mt Buller, i've skied here a few times. Here's a photo of when I flew over when it had snow, and then skied it a day or two later  so clear today see all the smoke drifting through the valleys from the bush fire looking over Mt Gorden into Marysville Sugarloaf Reservoir  Croydon and suburbs Doncaster, Box Hill, Surrey Hills all suburbs of Melbourne, coming down to Melbourne and woauw, best i've ever seen Melbourne, beautiful blue sky ( contrast to Sydney at the moment ) Clear shot, showing the Bay, the CBD and port of Melbourne Melbourne and Port Phillip BayMelbourne CBD and I can see the Royal Exhibition Hall where I will be shooting later onloving the clarity, the amount of times I been to Melbourne and it would either be cloudy, raining or just coming in not as close to CBD look at those straight lines from the city planners from the 1800's so many photos the port, Docklands and Williamstown Boral Concrete Deer Park Laverton Industrial area Mt. Cottrell Road, where sealed road becomes dirt road ( there was an article in local newspaper over a year ago that they would be able to seal the remaining part of the road thanks to federal funding, wonder what happened to that ) Hopetoun Park and the Werribee river that runs into the Melton Reservoir, which, by the way, half the time is a dry bed Farmland on Mt Kororoit road, interesting how it is darkened , did they do some sort of burning during harvesting, so close to the airport, the burning would be a concern for take off and landings I figured old quarry right near airport landed, what a difference from Sydney Airport linesSatelite photo showing the clouds all along the east coast and the clear skies over VictoriaFlight aware track and the curve around the airport

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