Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Brussels > Dubai QF8184

Flying home is always something to look forward to

son_5451sonnyphotosAfternoon departure from Brussels, was a bit uneventful flying over most part of europe, just soupy grey clouds, till sunset son_5455sonnyphotosflying over the black sea son_5459sonnyphotosas the sun sets, I noticed another plan alongside us son_5462sonnyphotos2 planes son_5463sonnyphotoswill be dark soon son_5467sonnyphotosUFO's sighted on this flight, " and then, I saw these colour circles appear, and they moved so fast and sudden " lol Hard to tell in this photo, but it is an Emirates A380son_5468sonnyphotosplane and moon son_5473sonnyphotosblack sea still underneath son_5474sonnyphotos son_5475sonnyphotosfluffy clouds making me all sleepy son_5476sonnyphotos son_5477sonnyphotos son_5478sonnyphotos son_5481sonnyphotosand then we are back home :-)

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