Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > New York AA101

Time to head to New York and start shooting SS17

SON_7573sonnyphotosjust taking my plane for a walk SON_7575sonnyphotostest plane SON_7587sonnyphotosnow there's a plane I have not flown on, bring these puppies back, but where does the fuel and luggage go ? SON_7592sonnyphotoswaiting our turn SON_7598sonnyphotosStaines SON_7599sonnyphotosgoing up SON_7602sonnyphotosabove England SON_7609sonnyphotosSevern River heading out to sea SON_7610sonnyphotosRiver Wye SON_7612sonnyphotosinteresting cloud, looks more like big Iceshelf SON_7613sonnyphotoszoom in SON_7615sonnyphotoswoauw, looking pretty peaceful out there today SON_7617sonnyphotosno wind SON_7619sonnyphotoscrossing the Atlantic SON_7620sonnyphotos SON_7622sonnyphotos SON_7624sonnyphotos SON_7629sonnyphotos SON_7630sonnyphotos SON_7632sonnyphotosthere's a boat down there SON_7633sonnyphotoszoom in SON_7635sonnyphotoslooks like mini tsunamis SON_7637sonnyphotos SON_7640sonnyphotos SON_7641sonnyphotosNewfoundland SON_7646sonnyphotosWitless Bay, is a town on the Avalon Peninsula in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador SON_7647sonnyphotos SON_7657sonnyphotos SON_7660sonnyphotos SON_7661sonnyphotos SON_7663sonnyphotos SON_7668sonnyphotos SON_7674sonnyphotosNantucket Sound SON_7678sonnyphotos SON_7682sonnyphotosheading down to land SON_7691sonnyphotosnot to only ones coming to new york SON_7695sonnyphotoslooking pretty windy down there SON_7701sonnyphotosNeptune City SON_7704sonnyphotosShrewsbury BaySON_7705sonnyphotosOceanic Bridge over Navesink River SON_7708sonnyphotosHighlands Reach, and that wind is actually offshore, waves will be good SON_7712sonnyphotosSandy Hook SON_7714sonnyphotosFalse Hook Channel SON_7722sonnyphotosNew York in the distance SON_7726sonnyphotosthat's one hell of a carpark at Jacob Riis Park SON_7729sonnyphotosBelle Harbor with New York in the background SON_7737sonnyphotosCross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge SON_7745sonnyphotosGateway National recreation area and New York in the background SON_7753sonnyphotosbeen standing at the gate for 10 min , look out the window to see why SON_7755sonnyphotosthese guys been trying to load those luggage bays onto that trolley for a while now SON_7757sonnyphotosand then the other would fall of again, would be funny except for the fact pretty keen to get of the plane and get going to :-)

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