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Hat Head National Park Empty Beaches

After surf, hit the 4wd track again

SON_4569SonnyphotosJust norht of Belmore river found a 4wd track to the beach, awesome view, with Crescent head in the distance SON_4571Sonnyphotosand Hat head further north SON_4573Sonnyphotoscolour SON_4574Sonnyphotoslooks like a lot of sand got taken out to sea after that big storm in July here as well SON_4576Sonnyphotosbesides the tracks , no one else around SON_4577Sonnyphotoslow tide SON_4579Sonnyphotosmy entry point SON_4581Sonnyphotosheading back inland to tar sealed road :-) SON_4582Sonnyphotosvery pretty SON_4586Sonnyphotosaustralia :-) SON_4590Sonnyphotos SON_4591Sonnyphotos SON_4594Sonnyphotospaperbark gums SON_4596Sonnyphotosso pretty SON_4599Sonnyphotosand back on sealed road heading to Kempsey along Belmore river

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