Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Sydney QF1

Flying home

SON_0961sonnyphotos9 hour layover after flight from Brussels SON_0968sonnyphotosso got a room for a quick sleep right near airport SON_0975sonnyphotosnice and refreshed next morning, SON_0978sonnyphotosready for long haul to Sydney SON_0983sonnyphotoslining up for take off SON_0985sonnyphotoscouple of A380's SON_0992sonnyphotosQantas leading the way SON_0997sonnyphotostake off SON_0998sonnyphotosMarriott Hotel Dubai in the foreground on take off SON_0999sonnyphotosDubai creek curving around Al Ras SON_1000sonnyphotosPort Rashid SON_1002sonnyphotosbanking around Port Rashid SON_1006sonnyphotosJumeirah with the main Dubai strip in the background SON_1011sonnyphotosBurj Khalifa SON_1014sonnyphotosand Sheikh Zayed Road SON_1019sonnyphotosMeydan, just out of Dubai, it's all about Racing here SON_1021sonnyphotosbeen a while since I set foot in there SON_1022sonnyphotoslast time I was there they just started building the Burj SON_1023sonnyphotosleaving UAE and flying over Gulf of Oman SON_1026sonnyphotosArabian Sea SON_1031sonnyphotosover India SON_1037sonnyphotosleaving India near South East tip of India, crossing the Gulf Of Manar to Sri Lanka. Those white buildings you see, looks like industrial estates, they are actually salt farms, the one on the top, which looks like the bigger buildings is the salt making lakes at ThutukudiSON_1042sonnyphotosThoothukudi Port at the bottom of the photo SON_1045sonnyphotosSri Lanka, somewhere near Chilaw SON_1052sonnyphotosFlying over Sri Lanka SON_1053sonnyphotosCoastline on the East Coast of Sri Lanka hear Yala National Park and Bundala salt farm at the bottom of the photo SON_1058sonnyphotosand I can see waves out the front of Bundala SON_1060sonnyphotosand looking at that coastline, there's got to be waves a plenty. From here on it was just cloudy and an uneventful sunset and then arrive at Sydney at 5 am when it was still pitch black

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