Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Melbourne QF443

Off to Melbourne to shoot a job

MAC_0002sonnyphotosSydney Domestic terminal MAC_0003sonnyphotosrunway still life MAC_0005sonnyphotosalways something going on MAC_0006sonnyphotosincoming MAC_0011sonnyphotosdoes anyone know what's being built at international terminal, looks like a big project MAC_0017sonnyphotosstraight after take off, and look at that, incoming passengers form north europe, coming into land and see this must feel like they are about to land in paradise MAC_0019sonnyphotosCronulla MAC_0020sonnyphotosSouth Coast MAC_0022sonnyphotosbreaking through the clouds, and lots around today MAC_0026sonnyphotosnice MAC_0028sonnyphotos MAC_0035sonnyphotosand we are through MAC_0036sonnyphotos MAC_0040sonnyphotos MAC_0046sonnyphotos MAC_0055sonnyphotosbit of haze around, must be backburning going on MAC_0056sonnyphotosyep, i'd say that's a controlled back burn in progress MAC_0059sonnyphotoshard to see, but that smoke is covering Canberra MAC_0060sonnyphotos MAC_0062sonnyphotosLake Eucumbene MAC_0069sonnyphotosBack burning in Victoria Alps Region MAC_0080sonnyphotosLake Eildon, Victoria MAC_0089sonnyphotosLanded, and off to a meeting

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