Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Madrid > Brussels IB3202

Connecting through Madrid to get back to Belgium

AIR_3256sonnyphotosFueling up AIR_3259sonnyphotosboarding complete AIR_3261sonnyphotos AIR_3263sonnyphotostaxi-ing for take off, I've always like those buildings with red and white squares, would make for a good background AIR_3269sonnyphotosold paint job that plane AIR_3274sonnyphotospoo shoot AIR_3278sonnyphotoslines AIR_3283sonnyphotoswindy AIR_3289sonnyphotostake off AIR_3291sonnyphotosMadrid suburbs AIR_3295sonnyphotosheading north to the clouds and snow AIR_3298sonnyphotos AIR_3302sonnyphotos AIR_3305sonnyphotos AIR_3309sonnyphotos AIR_3311sonnyphotos30 min or so later, french coastline near Lacanau somewhere and waves look massive AIR_3313sonnyphotos AIR_3314sonnyphotosnice cloud shape AIR_3315sonnyphotosrivermouth  AIR_3317sonnyphotosnot alone AIR_3320sonnyphotosright over us  AIR_3327sonnyphotosbelgium/France border somewhere AIR_3331sonnyphotosWillebroek AIR_3332sonnyphotosAntwerp in the distance, going down to land

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