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Tiananmen Square, Beijing China

I never thought I would make it to this square, ever since may/june 1989, this place has had such an impact on me

SON_4032Sonnyphotosand here we are, I exited the wrong exit from the subway and am at the entrance to the forbidden city ( across the huge 5 lane road form Tiananmen ) SON_4035Sonnyphotoshmm, sort of like the guards at Buckingham Palace, except the face masks gives it away :-) SON_4038Sonnyphotosthe one thing you notice straight away is the security, from as soon as you get of the subway, still in the subway, the security all the way to on the street SON_4041SonnyphotosImpressive. Built in 1420, the 18th reign year of Yongie of the Ming Dynasty, the Tiananmen ornamental columns are important complements of the Tiananmen main structures, With a height of nearly 10meters and a weight of over 20 tonnes, the columns are carved of white marble, There is a pair of ornamental columns in both front and back of Tiananmen. On each ornamental column, there is a plate called Cheng Lu Pan for collecting dew, and a crouching animal called Hou. SON_4043Sonnyphotosand there are the big lions as well, 600 years old SON_4046SonnyphotosHou SON_4048Sonnyphotosand all the security cameras, count them, and they are on each light pole, not just this one. Makes you wonder who is watching the watchers SON_4050SonnyphotosIt is about 2 degrees celcius, makes you wonder why the fire extinguisher  SON_4053Sonnyphotoslittle soldier and big Mao. So at this point I could not turn around, it was a one way entry to the forbidden city, which I had no intention on visiting today, ( limited time ) just wanted to see Tiananmen Square, but I had to move on and walk all the way around the side to go back againSON_4055Sonnyphotoscrossing the bridge at the east gate,  SON_4056Sonnyphotoslooking across to the huge walls surrounding the forbidden city, and yes, that is a sheet of ice floating on the water SON_4058Sonnyphotospart of the east gate SON_4061Sonnyphotoslooking back towards the front SON_4064Sonnyphotoslove these tiled roof tops SON_4065Sonnyphotosbut looks weird with a brand new audi parked underneath SON_4067Sonnyphotosnice door SON_4070Sonnyphotoseveryone, and I mean everyone here has a mobile phone SON_4072Sonnyphotoslunch SON_4073Sonnyphotosfront door detail SON_4076Sonnyphotosbehind the door SON_4080Sonnyphotosfinally, the square, had to go through the subway entrance to cross the road, as you can not cross the road here, it is all barricaded, cars can't stop and you go through a metal detector before you can enter the square SON_4082Sonnyphotosagain, security cameras everywhere and ... fire extinguishersSON_4084Sonnyphotosteach them form young age that this is the greatest country SON_4086Sonnyphotosturns out these fire extinguishers are for prevention after that one time a falung gong or was it a Buddhist monk set themselves alight in the square as a form of protest ( never again ) SON_4087Sonnyphotos SON_4089Sonnyphotossecurity SON_4093Sonnyphotos SON_4099Sonnyphotosgreat looking sculpture, but I can't help but think that a lot of these peasants, farmers etc.. that joined the revolutionary army, would turn in their grave if they knew what happened here SON_4102Sonnyphotosready for any sort of crowd control SON_4104Sonnyphotos SON_4109Sonnyphotos SON_4114Sonnyphotoscameras e v e r y w h e r e  SON_4116Sonnyphotoswoauw, so that was emotional for me. Out of respect I stood there in the square for a one minute of silence, annoyed by the fact that so many of the local population coming here are more than likely not aware of what went down here in 1989 :-(

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