Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Nadi , Fiji

Here we go again. Island Hopping :-)

FJI_2834Sonnyphotos Early morning start todayFJI_2835Sonnyphotos FJI_2840Sonnyphotos plane I would usually arrive in back from Europe. 6am arrival, ugh FJI_2845Sonnyphotos FJI_2846Sonnyphotos hope he has no concerns FJI_2849Sonnyphotos nope. ok all goodFJI_2855Sonnyphotos let's go thenFJI_2859Sonnyphotos take offFJI_2860Sonnyphotos Port Botany with La Perouse behind itFJI_2861Sonnyphotos Bonna Point, KurnellFJI_2864Sonnyphotos Boat Harbour, and I'll say it again, every time I see this, what a bloody sham that they mined away those beautiful sand dunes that used to sit here behind the beach, shame on you greedy peopleFJI_2868Sonnyphotos dark grey sydney summer dayFJI_2877Sonnyphotos but we're off to Fiji :-)FJI_2879Sonnyphotos Evan getting some shots form his side of the planeFJI_2882Sonnyphotos crossing the Tasman seaFJI_2887Sonnyphotos Alaska Russia clouds, as in the Bering sea FJI_2893Sonnyphotos what ? FJI_2895Sonnyphotos can't find this on the map, it;s not Lord Howe or Norfolk ( I think ) Anyone ?FJI_2907Sonnyphotos getting close to Fiji now, descended a bit and can see all the chop on the oceanFJI_2908Sonnyphotos yep, there is Malolo ReefFJI_2910Sonnyphotos FJI_2923Sonnyphotos windy, but looks like it is still clean at CloudbreakFJI_2929Sonnyphotos love this placeFJI_2938Sonnyphotos we should go snorkel here one dayFJI_2942Sonnyphotos still don't know what is happening with this placeFJI_2945Sonnyphotos was going to be a big resort, but 2nd hand information - some sort of scandal with pension funds and corruption so apparently it is all on hold nowFJI_2947Sonnyphotos be surfing there in the next few daysFJI_2959Sonnyphotos jut near SonaisaliFJI_2965Sonnyphotos Denarua, where we will spend the night tonight for Fiji Fashion Resort Wear show tonightFJI_2972Sonnyphotos landedFJI_2978Sonnyphotos NadiFJI_2979SonnyphotosYeah, back in Fiji

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