Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Hong Kong QF117

Off to Beijing via Hong Kong

SonnyPhotos4ready to leave Sydney again SonnyPhotos9home of the flying roo SonnyPhotos14Sydney international terminal SonnyPhotos15Cooks river, Tempe SonnyPhotos16looking south east towards cronullaSonnyPhotos17western suburbs SonnyPhotos20 SonnyPhotos23some cooling clouds for the western suburbs SonnyPhotos26Penrith lakes district SonnyPhotos29did not get a good view of the Blue Mountains, so now we are country nsw SonnyPhotos31Outback SonnyPhotos34 SonnyPhotos37they need more than clouds out here, they need rain SonnyPhotos44usually this part of the journey I get some interesting shots of the ground in the north of North West Queensland and North East of the Northern Territory. But the whole region is under one massive blanket of thick cloud SonnyPhotos50finally a break somewhere at the end of the Gulf of Carpentaria and Arnhem land SonnyPhotos54squeezing in a lot of shots here to take advantage of the break in the clouds SonnyPhotos57 SonnyPhotos64then it closes up again, but with interesting shapes and layers SonnyPhotos65upper cloud, lower tropical cloud and bush fire SonnyPhotos66 SonnyPhotos67nice, off the coast of West Arnhem Land SonnyPhotos74 SonnyPhotos79would make a nice print SonnyPhotos80 SonnyPhotos85North Goulburn Island SonnyPhotos87 SonnyPhotos90 SonnyPhotos92give you an idea of where I am SonnyPhotos97Grant Island SonnyPhotos102Grant and McLuer Islands  SonnyPhotos105Minjilang Island with a bit of imagination can look like  SonnyPhotos109here come the clouds SonnyPhotos111crossing over the Timor sea now SonnyPhotos113 SonnyPhotos114woauw SonnyPhotos115loving this light SonnyPhotos120River running int o the sea from the hills of West Seram Bagian RegencySonnyPhotos121Kaibobo SonnyPhotos122 SonnyPhotos125Pulau Boano  SonnyPhotos127 part 2 next

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