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Papeete Tahiti > Auckland > Sydney

Flying back to Sydney today

TAH_8614Sonnyphotos Papeete AirportTAH_8616Sonnyphotos nothing quite like a plane taxing on the runway, you look out and you can see surfTAH_8620Sonnyphotos take offTAH_8622Sonnyphotos and still see waves, love itTAH_8626Sonnyphotos not make able thoughTAH_8629Sonnyphotos The Island of Moorea where we just spent 12 days, epic timeTAH_8633Sonnyphotos Can just make out the runway of the airport of Moorea and see where we spent our nightsTAH_8637Sonnyphotosjust about see-ing the whole length of the IslandTAH_8636Sonnyphotos north end of Moorea, that meansTAH_8641Sonnyphotos we will be see-ing HaapitiTAH_8642Sonnyphotos yep, there it is, had many good waves out there. And if I was on the left side of the airplane right now I would probably be having a good view of TeahupooTAH_8645Sonnyphotos leaving French Polynesia TAH_8658Sonnyphotos TAH_8669Sonnyphotos 3-4 hours later, getting back to the land of big white cloud ( why is that )TAH_8677Sonnyphotos Waiheke and Chamberlines Islands just to the east of AucklandTAH_8681Sonnyphotos Waiheke Island, lots of great little bays and beachesTAH_8686Sonnyphotos and that lush green grassTAH_8694Sonnyphotos City of AucklandTAH_8698Sonnyphotos Air NZTAH_8703Sonnyphotos quick stop of in the lounge and back on Qantas plane, Sydney boundTAH_8705Sonnyphotos sun's come out, finallyTAH_8709Sonnyphotos one dayTAH_8713Sonnyphotos heading west TAH_8731Sonnyphotos going out over Manukau heads with the beaches of Auckland Centennial park ( Including Piha beach )TAH_8737Sonnyphotos and then the long stretch of Woodhill beachTAH_8747Sonnyphotos nice, bet there are some awesome surf spots down thereTAH_8751Sonnyphotos similar to Sydney, with the big national park so close to the cbdTAH_8755Sonnyphotos Waionui InletTAH_8761Sonnyphotos bye NZTAH_8774Sonnyphotos crossing the Tasman seaTAH_8783Sonnyphotos a few hours later Sydney flying over Sydney domestic airportTAH_8785Sonnyphotos

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