Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Nadi > Sydney

Time to head back to Sydney

FJI_7654Sonnyphotoschecking the wings FJI_7655Sonnyphotosall good, I assume FJI_7659Sonnyphotosdon't know what it is about Nadi airport, but this is the 4th time I seen someone come by and sweep the tarmac around the plane just before we take off. :-) FJI_7671Sonnyphotostake off FJI_7673SonnyphotosMamanucas FJI_7675SonnyphotosDenarua FJI_7678SonnyphotosMalolo Islands FJI_7681SonnyphotosIan's HQ FJI_7682SonnyphotosStu and Malia, can you see your place, I'm pretty sure I can FJI_7695Sonnyphotosaaaaah, my fav, Tavarua and Namotu FJI_7697Sonnyphotoslooking nice and calm today FJI_7703Sonnyphotosno wind FJI_7705Sonnyphotosbut also not much swell FJI_7714Sonnyphotoskind of an ok feeling leaving when there is no swell, don't feel like you are missing out that way FJI_7725Sonnyphotoslooking forward to see-ing this sight again coming from the west :-) FJI_7743Sonnyphotoscrossing the Tasman Sea FJI_7770Sonnyphotosseveral hours later, and I am pretty sure that are the sand dunes form Anna Bay that I can see FJI_7784Sonnyphotosnaval exercises just of the coast of Sydney FJI_7788Sonnyphotoshome. Northern Beaches FJI_7793Sonnyphotosnice shot of the heads, entrance to Sydney Harbour FJI_7802Sonnyphotosnice shot of Bondi beach, Sydney Harbour and the northern beaches FJI_7811SonnyphotosSydney C.B.D. FJI_7819Sonnyphotoslooking straight along the Harbour bridge FJI_7825SonnyphotosWestern Suburbs FJI_7826SonnyphotosSydney is a big cosmopolitan FJI_7832Sonnyphotosbanking FJI_7835Sonnyphotosbusy western suburbs FJI_7838Sonnyphotosnice shot up the Harbour from Parramatta way FJI_7840Sonnyphotos FJI_7846Sonnyphotoslooking north east now across Kuringai National park FJI_7850Sonnyphotosfoot hills to the blue mountains FJI_7852Sonnyphotoslove all the purple spots form the Jacaranda's in bloom FJI_7859SonnyphotosParramatta road FJI_7861Sonnyphotoscoming into land

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