Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


My first day in Beijing

and my first impression of the Communist Country

SON_3905SonnyphotosI arrived last night at the airport at 3am, heard so much about the bad traffic, but at 3 am only a 30min plus drive to hotel. Arrived at Shangri-La world at round 4am, pretty quite, but impressive looking lobby. This now, 5 hours later, was expecting to sleep till noon after cramped flight and late arrival. Could not sleep after 8:45 , so opened the curtains and this is what greeted me. Yes, no smog and an actual blue sky ( rare it turns out ) SON_3906Sonnyphotosgorgeous looking day, but, arriving 30 degrees celcius in Sydney, much colder here with thermostat topping in at 3 degrees SON_3907Sonnyphotos SON_3909Sonnyphotosand the traffic SON_3910Sonnyphotoslooking around the room, and I knew I would have issues connecting to the internet, but did not realize it would be this bad SON_3912Sonnyphotoswoauw, the Kardashian would suffer a Social media death here SON_3913Sonnyphotosshower and breakfast later and still looking like a fab day outside, I want to go explore, but having a meeting with the fashion girls from Harpers Bazaar SON_3916SonnyphotosAfter meeting and lunch, about a 40 min drive from hotel ( which I'm sure would have been a 10-15 min walk, but the traffic oooh the traffic :-) The girls drive me back to the hotel, but a few blocks out I recognize the back of the hotel up ahead, so I ask to be let out and walk the rest of the way SON_3918SonnyphotosThey nicknamed this building the short pants, or was it underpants, forgot SON_3919Sonnyphotosstill lots of building going on, despite the decline in Iron sales to China from Australia SON_3921Sonnyphotos SON_3923Sonnyphotosreally feels like I am in New York, with all the building and the traffic, but at the same time, you know you're not SON_3925Sonnyphotosthis could easily be a building on the east side on the river near the piers SON_3926Sonnyphotosback in my room, and been giving a face mask as I'm told the smog will be back tomorrow, and I should wear the mask before I start coughing SON_3928Sonnyphotosand there are a lot more particles in the air now as well, so it is making for a very nice almost surreal sunset, with that amazing gold glow SON_3930Sonnyphotosand yes, heavy traffic in the other direction now SON_3931Sonnyphotosfinal walk out to find something to eat

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